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Placement Year Student:

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

My name is Eileen. I study Law and International Relations at the University of Portsmouth. As part of this four-year degree course, I am in a placement year at Arthurs Solicitors which commenced in September of 2022. In my new role, I am learning the various responsibilities that come with being a Solicitor especially in a family law setting, as it is the area of law I would like to practice when I qualify. The Solicitors at this firm are great roles models to me in their professionalism and compassion in which they endeavour to make difference in people’s lives.

Arthurs Solicitors offers Legal Aid for those who cannot afford lawyers but are in domestically abusive relationships, which is a demonstration of the importance of choosing a career that you are passionate about.

My current role:

My role is a Legal Assistant for Mary-Joyce, Principal Solicitor & Director but I also assist other solicitors. This has afforded me the chance to learn and continue to gain experience. I have been invited to attend meetings and events, giving me the opportunity to put what I have learned so far in university into practice. I look forward to the various skills I will learn from this placement and I am excited for what is to come as I continue working.

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