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Arrangements for Children

Arrangements for Children


Arrangements for your children will often be a difficult decision during the breakdown of your relationship; whether you are married, in a civil partnership or cohabiting. At Arthurs Solicitors we have specialist expertise in dealing with children matters and our family team includes a highly experienced Accredited Resolution Specialist.

Specialist Circumstances

A Child Arrangements Order – where your children will live, or who they spend time with following the breakdown of the relationship (this used to be known as a residence or custody and a contact order or access) We will advise you on the best outcome for your situation putting the child’s best interests first.


Prohibited Steps – we can provide assistance in returning your child from the other parent’s care if removed or apply for an order preventing the other parent from removing your child from your care and control or from the jurisdiction of England and Wales.


Specific Issue - Where there is a dispute regarding changing a child’s surname, education and medical treatment, we can provide advice and assistance and furnish you with robust representation in court proceedings.


Paternity Rights - We assist with obtaining Parental Responsibility by way of an Agreement or Court Order for unmarried fathers and a Declaration of Parentage in circumstances where necessary if there are disputes regarding paternity.


Relocation - We have specialist experience in dealing with issues of relocation to another country, where the other parent’s consent is not forthcoming.


Child Abduction - We can also assist by providing specialist advice in International child abduction matters. We provide excellent representation to achieve the best outcome for children of the family.


Mediation – this is a mandatory step prior to court proceedings being issued unless there are circumstances which make mediation unsuitable between the parties. We will be able to refer you to one of our approved mediators, if matters cannot be resolved by way of negotiation between the two of you or via solicitors.  Eventually, in some circumstances court proceedings will be necessary to resolve the dispute.



Arthurs Solicitors will be able to provide you with pragmatic Family Law advice, assistance and representation in court proceedings. We will act on your behalf to achieve what is in the best interests of your children. Kindly contact us to make an appointment if you wish to discuss matters further.

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