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Civil Partnership Dissolution

Civil Partnerships Dissolution The Civil Partnership Act 2004 (the Act) which came into effect on 5 December 2005 affords registered same sex partners very similar rights and responsibilities to those of opposite sex, married couples.

A civil partnership is a relationship between two people of the same sex (“civil partners”), civil partnership ends only on death, dissolution or annulment. If you wish to proceed with dissolution of your civil partnership it must be recognised in accordance with the Civil Partnership Act.

The basis upon which a partnership can be dissolved is that the civil partnership has broken down irretrievably.  An application for dissolution cannot be made within a year of registration.

At Arthurs Solicitors we have a full understanding of the Act and will assist you with this to achieve the best and most agreeable outcome for you. You will receive impartial and expert advice from a leading family solicitor, and an accredited member of Resolution.

Grounds for Civil Partnership breakdown

  1.    Unreasonable behaviour

  2.    2 years separation with consent

  3.    5 years separation

  4.    2 years desertion

Please contact us to make your initial consultation where we will guide you through the process ahead, helping you make the right decisions whilst protecting what is best for you.

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