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Donna Payne

Donna is a Solicitor and Mediator dealing with all Family matters, including intergenerational disputes.  She prepares Wills, trusts, and Powers of Attorney and provides Inheritance tax advice and advises the best way to protect your family or business both in life and after your death.


    Donna deals with all Estates and Trusts (Contentious or not). She works, and is noted as an expert, in the protection of the vulnerable through her Court of Protection and Domestic Abuse work, which includes economic and emotional abuse.

    As a Trustee and founder of a charity (to support Families in Crisis) herself, Donna is happy to assist with Charity formations and administration.

    Donna takes a pragmatic and sensible approach when advising clients.  She understands that any form of dispute and, indeed, any dealings with a lawyer can be daunting and deeply distressing. Donna’s aim is to be your trusted adviser:

    A voice of calm in times of chaos
    A voice of reason in times of strife
    A voice of comfort in times of distress

    Donna may not always say what you may wish to hear, rather she will tell you what you need to hear.  Donna and her colleague Janine Quirk see themselves as able team members working alongside their clients to ensure the best possible outcome for those clients.

    Donna has been the recipient of a number of awards including:-

    Donna is a bit long in the tooth and often refers to herself as “an old bag” but we prefer to think of her as a lawyer of considerable experience and expertise.  Donna has been practising in the law for nearly 30 years, longer, as she puts it more than she would have spent in prison for 2 murders.

    Donna has authored a book:  Libertas, a project for recovery after suffering Domestic Abuse, and hopes to stop stressing her editor and actually have the book published in 2022

    Outside of Work

    Donna enjoys all things food related and has had a lifelong obsession with Delicatessens.  She loves Art and crafts, theatre, and the cinema. Donna lives with her partner, her daughter, Maude the Labrador, Joe the cat and not forgetting the 6 Chickens – who all have names and are complete divas.


    If you need us, we are here to help - 

    so please do get in touch!

    01843 210377

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